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How do I Communicate with Turkish Airlines at Dallas (DFW) Airport?

Suppose you need help or any assistance from Turkish Airlines at Dallas Airport. In that case, you can immediately use the Turkish airlines Dallas airport phone number 1-800-874-8875 and quickly get in touch with a representative, or you can also reach a representative at the airport counter. You can explain your concerns and promptly get the required help from the expert.

What terminal is Turkish Airlines in DFW airport?

Arrival Terminal: Turkish Airlines uses terminal D and terminal B for arrival. If there are any changes, you will be notified, or you can also contact the airlines to know the details.

Departure Terminal: For departure, the airline uses terminal D and terminal E. you will be informed if there are any changes at the departure terminal.

What days does Turkish Airlines fly to DFW?

Turkish Airlines fly there from Monday to Saturday. Also, it can’t operate on Sunday.

How do I contact DFW Airport?

Moreover, to contact the DFW Airport, call the support person on their phone number +1-972-973-4420. And you can take this number from the customer service page of the Airport website.

Does DFW Airport have a lost and found?

Yes, the DFW Airport has a lost and found center. However, if you have any issue related to lost and found, you can contact them at their phone number: +1-972-973-4420.

What is Dallas Airport Other Contact Information?

Moreover, if the customer service number can’t be connected with the direct person, you can also try another way to connect them. In that scenario, you can easily attain the services by calling on some specific problem-solving number. So, here is the list you must go through to get assistance from the airport person.

  1. For resolving issues or taking assistance in TDD (Hearing Impaired), call the agent at +1-972-574-5555
  2. To take the TSA Customer Service, dial +1-469-948-1828
  3. Reaching Employee Parking Office must take information from the agent by calling on +1-(972) 973 4840.
  4. For Noise Complaints, call the live representative on the Hotline number, +1-(972) 973 3192.
  5. To take assistance from the DFW Airport Valet, call them at +1-972-574-2400
  6. If you have any issues at the airport, contact the Access Control Office person at +1-972-973-5100.

What time does Turkish Airlines check-in open at DFW?

The check-in counter opens 2 hours before and closes 30 minutes before you depart from Dallas Airport.

Where is Turkish Airlines check-in at DFW?

For check-in, you must go to the terminal where your flight departs. If you are unsure about the terminal, reach a representative at the airport counter.

What is the Mailing Address of DFW Airport?

In addition, you can send the post to the DFW Airport to know anything or contact them at P.O. Box 619428 DFW Airport, TX 75261. Also, you can readily attain help in solving issues from the support person.


Thus, whenever you need assistance getting the flight, you can contact or reach the Turkish Airlines Dallas (DFW) Airport Phone Number. Also, you can solve all difficulties quickly with the airline person.


What is the phone number for DFW Airport security?

The phone number for DFW Airport security is +1-972-973-3533, +1-972-973-3508, or +1-972-973-3539. You can report any suspicious or criminal activity by calling the number above.

What time does security at DFW Airport open?

Security at DFW Airport opens at 4 am or 4:30 am, depending on the terminal building. You must arrive at the airport for your flight with ample time to go through the security screening to reach the boarding gate.

What is the average wait time for DFW security? 

The average wait time for DFW security is 7 minutes. The wait time can be as less as 2 minutes, and sometimes, it may take a maximum of 16 minutes to wait for security.

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