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How do I Get Through to Turkish Airlines at Miami(MIA) Airport?

Before or after making the Turkish airlines bookings, you can contact their representative if you get any issues. There are multiple airports where you will get the Turkish airlines flight, and Miami international airport is one of them. If you are at this airport and want to connect with their representative, dial (800) 874-8875). Then select the language and form the IVR option that suits your query.

Which Terminal is Turkish Airlines at Miami?

The Terminal allocated to Turkish airlines at Miami international airport is Terminal S. Still, you can confirm it by connecting with the representative as the terminal changes due to air traffic or weather issues.

How do I contact Miami International Airport?

Multiple modes are available through which you can reach the representative of Miami International airport, but the quickest method to resolve your queries is still the phone call option. To get the representative, call on this number (305) 876-7000; from the IVR instruction, choose one that suits your query.

Email: If you want to send any document with your query, such as a flight ticket, medical document, etc., you can use the email option to send your issue. For this, click on this and compose an email mentioning the complete query.

How do I Report a lost Item at Miami Airport?

After reaching the airport, if you lose your property, then you can report it to the representative, and they will take appropriate steps to resolve your issue. To report your lost property, call 1-888-335-0690 and get help from a representative.

What is the Mailing Address of Miami Airport?

If you have a document you want to show the representative to resolve the query, you can send your question through the mail. You can send your mail to the below mention address.



By reading above, you will know about the Turkish airlines Miami(MIA) Airport Phone Number, and you can connect with them anytime as they are available 24 hours.


Do I need a Covid test to enter Miami International Airport?

Per the guideline sanctions by the Miami International Airport on 12 June 2022, you must show the COVID test report or proof of negative COVID information to travel. 

Does Miami airport have a lost and found?

Yes, Miami airport has a lost and found department by which you can register your lost property information. But if you lose your property after the check-in process, you need to contact the airline's representative.

What is the wait time at Miami airport?

The security checkpoint's wait times will vary as per the route of your flight and destination type; still, you need to wait at checkpoints for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If you make the TSA check-in, you can complete the process within 2 to 3 minutes.

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