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What is the Cancellation Policy of Thai Airways?

You have the right to cancel your booking if you need to change your travel plan suddenly due to lousy weather scenarios or have a medical condition. You will get full refunds, or after an appropriate deduction, you will get refunds. But, if you are looking for refunds, you must know Thai airways' cancellation policy so that you can quickly and accordingly take steps.

  1. According to Thai Airways, passengers are offered free ticket cancellation within the same day of booking (24 hours). Next, if you cancel the ticket online, the passenger won't have to pay any service fee.
  2. If you cross the risk-free window, you will have to pay a cancellation fee for claiming a refund, as Thai Airways' cancellation policy.
  3. Although if the passenger fails to pay board, the whole ticket will be forfeited by the airline as a "No Show Fee," which is under the cancellation policy.
  4. Finally, suppose a Thai Airways flight gets delayed or canceled by the airline due to unavoidable factors. In that situation, you will be eligible for compensation, which will be given within 20 business days.

How Do I Cancel my Thai Airways Flight?

Through the online option: If you need to cancel a ticket online, you can visit the official website and go to the book manage section. Herein enter the ticket reference number and last name of the traveler, retrieve your ticket, and use ahead on-screen prompts to cancel your ticket.
Via offline method: To cancel your flight offline, you need to call a Thai Airways customer service representative to get immediate help. The customer service phone number you will get on the contact us page. Dial the number and follow on-call prompts and once you connect with the agent, request to cancel your itinerary.

How to Cancel Thai Airways flight tickets online?

Thus, if you need guidance on the steps for Thai airways flight cancellation online, then you need to follow the basic steps to cancel as mentioned below.

  1. First, you need to browse Thai Airway's official site
  2. Sign in to your account with the required information
  3. Then go to manage your reservation and enter the ticket reference number and last name of the passenger
  4. Select your ticket which you want to cancel
  5. After that, mention the cancellation reason and explain it within 1000 characters.
  6. Then go through refund terms and conditions
  7. Now, click on confirm cancellation option.

How to cancel Thai Airways flight ticket offline?

If you need to go offline for Thai Airways flight cancellation, you can use the customer service telephone number (1-800-426-204). Once you dial this number, you will connect with a live person at Thai Airways customer services and get further help per your requirement.

What is the cancellation fee for Thai Airways?

Thai Airways flight cancellation fee depends upon your situation. If you cancel your reservation after 24 hours of ticket purchase, you will have to pay around $90 to $120 a cancellation fee.

What is Thai Airways 24 Hours Cancellation Policy?

Thai Airways 24 hour cancellation policy states that if you booked a flight ticket within 24 hours and then canceled it, you will get full refunds, and if you skip the risk-free window, you will have to pay cancellation charges.

Can I get a refund from Thai Airways?

Yes, Thai Airways will refund you if you pay via cash or check within 20 business days. But if you booked via credit/debit card or internet banking, you will get refunds within 7-10 working days.

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