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Thai Airways Travel Voucher- How to Redeem?

Thai Airways has introduced travel vouchers to assist its customers to the best of its ability. If you have requested a refund and it is pending, you can exchange the refund request with a travel voucher. You can use the Thai Airways travel voucher as a credit to issue a new ticket for future flight bookings that THAI or THAI smile operates, including fuel surcharge and tax. 
Besides, the travel voucher also has some validity make sure to use it before time. You can also transfer your travel voucher to others if you can't use it. However, if you wish to use the travel voucher for a new booking, go through its terms and conditions below.

Thai Airways Travel Voucher Terms and Conditions

The airline has introduced some terms and conditions that you must keep in mind to avoid the hassle.

  1. Thai Airways only provides travel vouchers for customers who hold the ticket, which means one coupon per passenger. However, the travel voucher is transferable, and anyone can use it unless they have proof of documents at the time of new ticket booking.

  2. One passenger cannot use more than 5 THAI Travel vouchers to book the ticket at one time.
  3. If the travel voucher value is insufficient to make payment, you can use the other means of payment for the exceeded amount.
  4. If you are left with an unused THAI travel voucher, the airline will refund it to your account.
  5. Once you request the travel voucher, the airline will deliver it via email or post within approximately three weeks. You can also speak to the airline if you need to check your travel voucher status.

Ways to redeem travel vouchers at Thai airways?

If you have a travel voucher, you can redeem it at Thai airways by calling the THAI contact center at 02 356 1111 or email the airline at
As calling is relatively easier than email, you can follow the process below to redeem a travel voucher by calling.

  1. Dial the THAI airways contact center number 02 356 1111 on your mobile
  2. You can follow the IVR instruction to speak to the live agent 
  3. Choose the option that connects you to the Thai airways representative
  4. Once connected, you can request the airline that you wish to redeem the travel voucher
  5. The support provides all the assistance that you need

How Long are Thai airways vouchers valid?

Generally, Thai travel vouchers can be redeemed from February 18, 2022, to December 31, 2023. However, a few terms and conditions are applied to redeem the voucher.

  1. Only one passenger is permitted to use Thai vouchers.
  2. It is mandatory that the voucher must be issued by Thai airways.
  3. You can use the voucher to pay for itineraries booked on Thai airways or Thai codeshare flights, including only Thai Smile domestic flight number TG2000-2299 and international flight number TG2300-2999.

Can I use my Thai Airways travel voucher for baggage fees?

You can only use your travel voucher in booking flights as you do not have the option to use your travel voucher to add extra amenities like add extra baggage or choose a preferred seat. 

Can I Extend my Thai Airways Travel Voucher?

Thai Airways has extended the voucher's validity till December 31, 2023. Passengers can use their travel vouchers. The fact is updated automatically, and you don't need to contact Thai airways customer support.

How Can I Refund my Thai Airways Travel Voucher?

Thai Airways allows refunding your travel vouchers. You only have to request a refund via a Thai travel voucher. Refund a travel voucher, and you can submit a form online. Follow the steps to apply for a refund:

  1. Go to
  3. Fill in the details, Travel voucher number, name, and surname.
  4. Click on the Next button.

The alternative is if you want to use the refund to book your next flight. There is an option to redeem a Thai travel voucher to make a reservation by visiting the official website of Thai airways by December 31, 2023. If your voucher value is left, you can refund until March 31, 2024, as stipulated in the business rehabilitation plan. 


The above steps are used to redeem travel vouchers by phone. If you want, you can use the email address of THAI airways and send your request via email to the airline. This way, you can use your Thai Airways travel voucher anytime. However, if you have any issues or need additional information, you can speak to the Thai airways support team anytime.

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