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Copa Airlines Baggage Policy - Terms & Conditions

If you are traveling with Copa Airlines and want to add baggage to your booking and want to know whether you can add the luggage and what is the fees for added luggage, you came to the right place. Copa Airlines allows you to add your luggage to your booking even after confirming the flight, and you can also add extra baggage while checking in. Still, baggage should be under the size limit of the Airline's policy. Adding baggage while booking is generally cheaper and more convenient for airlines and you.

What is Copa Airlines Baggage Policy?

Baggage allowance and fees are subject to the Copa Airlines baggage policy. Airlines have the authority to make amends and charge you according to the airlines' policy. The baggage policy is mentioned below.

Carry-on bags policy

  1. The weight and bags allowed are per passenger, and you can not transfer them to other passengers.
  2. Baggage fees are subject to taxes enforced by the origin country.
  3. All baggage crossing commodity limitations, maximum weight, or size dimensions will be transported depending on the aircraft's space availability.

Checked-in bags policy

  1. Each commodity of carry-on luggage can measure up to 46 linear inches (118 cm): 22" (56 cm) high + 14" (36 cm) long + 10" (26 cm) wide which includes handles and wheels.
  2. Your trip's baggage allowance depends on your travel date, origin and destination, fare class, and Membership of Copa airline status.
  3. If you bring luggage more than your carry-on policy is subject to being checked, you will be charged as additional baggage, according to your Ticket's baggage allowance policy.

How Many Bags can one carry-on on a Copa Airlines flight?

You can carry one bag with you and one personal item up to 22lbs (10kg) without charges with Copa Airlines. It also depends on your type of Ticket and your destination. You will get all the details in your email along with your Ticket.

What are Copa Airlines Carry-on Baggage Guidelines?

  1. You cannot travel with more than two additional bags for all destinations.
  2. Additional items over 158 linear cm (62 inches) are not allowed.
  3. If your baggage exceeds maximum size and weight, the Airline will take luggage subject to space availability in the loading bay.

What is Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance?

For domestic flights: You can only carry one bag with you on domestic flights, which should be within the size limit of the Airlines Policy.

For international flights: You can check in with two bags with you on International flights, which should be within the limit of your Ticket's baggage policy.

Cost Of Checking a Bag on Copa Airlines?

Suppose you carry an extra bag with you. The Airline will charge you according to your ticket type, depending on your membership. Adding an extra second bag to your basic Ticket, you may have to pay around $50; for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th bags, you have to pay $180 each. It fluctuates depending on your ticket type and airline policy.

This article should help you with answering all answers to your query about Copa Airlines Baggage Policy. If you still have any issues, you can contact Copa Airlines from their official website and resolve your issues.

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