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Copa Airlines Seat Selection- Terms and Conditions

Seat selection is essential while booking the flight because the end of the seat is not according to your preference, or if it is not like that as you want, you will not feel comfortable. But if you select the according to as you want you can enjoy your journey without having any trouble. So if you are a passenger of Copa Airlines, you can enjoy some outstanding benefits on your bookings, and they also allow their passenger to choose the seat according to their need. If you are entirely aware of the copa airlines seat assignment procedure. go through the below steps.

How do I choose my Seat on Copa Airlines?

  1. In the initial process, you have to visit the official website of Copa airlines 
  2. After this, you have to choose the option of 'manage booking' from that page.
  3. Further, you have to fill out the details of the passenger's last name and booking reference number and submit that details.
  4. Following this, you can see your bookings. You need to select that reservation where you have to select the seats.
  5. Now seat selection tab will open; you have to choose the seat from the remaining seats according to your booking class.
  6. After this, you have to see the charges you need to pay and pay them online or with a card.
  7. Lastly, you will get a message of selecting the seat on the given contact number and the registered email id.

The thing to remember while selecting a seat on Copa airlines

Passengers should have to remember that they will not select the seat while booking if they selected it at that time, then they will have to cancel that seat first to book a new seat. They need to consider whether the seat they are selected for is vacant. If someone already books the seat, the passenger will not get that seat.

What seat selection cost on Copa airlines?

  1. To know about Copa Airlines Seat Selection Fee, you need to read the below statements.
  2. It depends upon the type of seat you selected; you need to pay between 40 USD to 70 USD if you select a premium or business class seat.
  3. If the passenger wants to select the seat of ordinary or an economy class, then they will need to pay the price between 20 USD to 30 USD

Copa airlines premium seat

Choosing a premium seat will offer many things, like passengers will get a seat at the place where they want, and Copa airlines premium seats are in front of the cabin. It will also give passengers privacy and maximum comfort. If you choose premium seats, the legroom is as spacious compared to others.

How to contact Copa airlines customer service if I couldn't select my seat?

If you cannot select a seat, you can contact the official representative of Copa airlines by making a phone call 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672).

Still, if you have any further queries left or want to Know about Copa Airlines Seat Selection Policy, you can also contact the official Representative of Copa Airlines. They will help you with the best possible solution.

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