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WestJet Group Bookings- Terms and Conditions

It is enormously easy to make a plan to visit your most loved destinations and do work to book a flight for 7 or 9 adults separately. If you are one of them and searching for legitimate help to pick the best flight to group booking, you are generally allowed to get real help regarding WestJet group travel that you can decide on its official website page. If you are prepared to go in a group of 10 people or more, you should pick a group set up for West Airlines and acquire the most effective date and time in a sensible way simple. 

Let's jump into details about the WestJet group bookings and the policy, rules, and regulations to quickly make a group booking and enjoy your trip with your loved ones. 

Why choose WestJet for a group booking? 

Fantastic reasons why you choose WestJet to make a Group Booking

  1. WestJet won't cancel your reservation if your underlying group booking falls beneath the expected ten seats. 
  2. There are no penalties for canceling up to 20 percent of your group until the tagging due date.
  3. You can protect your trips with a holding charge by booking ahead of time. When the full Payment has been gathered, it is discounted to hold an amount.
  4. WestJet offers accessible name switches (as long as 24 hours before your most memorable flight's takeoff).
  5. Travel credits are adaptable and have no re-booking charges.
  6. WestJet offers low change and cancellation charges.
  7. You can acquire WestJet dollars on flights, hotels, and vehicle rentals.
  8.  WestJet permits limitless changes to your schedule both when it has been tagged (charges might apply).
  9. Free square is accessible to situate for confirmed group reservations.
  10. Westjet offers a devoted group expert to help you in all parts of your booking from start to finish. So, just let them know about the queries you are facing, and they will assist you with the right solution. 

How do you get great deals on WestJet group travel? 

Extraordinary Deals

  1. Join WestJet Rewards to acquire WestJet dollars on your flights and excursion packages to get great deals.
  2. Add the WestJet RBC MasterCard to your wallet and two-for to acquire WestJet dollars quicker.
  3. Remember to incorporate travel insurance as a component of your excursion. WestJet has collaborated with RBC Insurance to give you the deserved inclusion for your travel experience. 
  4. .Add a vehicle to your flight! WestJet visitors appreciate special rates through favored accomplices: Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, and National.
  5. Accomplice in appointments. WestJet has an inn for you, whether for business or joy. Browse more than 140,000 inns around the world and get the best deals. 

Westjet group booking holding fee and Final Payment 

Holding Fee and last Payment

A $75 per visitor holding fee should be paid by a single credit and might be expected upon booking confirmation or as planned given the passage class booked (top or non-top).
Your holding fee ensures your base rate until the tagging due date. The pertinent keeping expenses will be discounted down to the first payment type whenever you have given Payment. 
Request for extra seats to the WestJet group bookings is allowed and will be valued at the ebb and flow distributed charge. A holding fee or full Payment might be required.
Names and last payments are expected for tagging 30 days before your takeoff date. If you don't give full Payment by the tagging due date, your booking might be canceled, and your holding fee won't be discounted.

Payment choices

Travel Agents:  don't deduct commissions or holding expenses from definite Payment (material charges will be discounted to the first payment type.

WestJet Group acknowledges The WestJet RBC MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, and Visa, Debit. 

Travel Bank: Your Travel Bank/profile number is expected at the season of installment.

Checks: (payable to WestJet)

Guarantee the booking code is composed on your check.
Kindly, Guarantee your cheque(s) show up 15 days before your due date to permit sufficient handling time.

WestJet Group Booking Cancellation and Change policy

WestJet Changes policy

  1. As per the flight change policy, Plan changes might likely be a $75-86.25 CAD/USD change charge and any distinction in airfare and reasonable expenses per visitor. Charges and full Payment might be expected at the hour of progress. 
  2. Name changes are free as long as 24 hours before your group's underlying takeoff time. Name changes in 24 hours of your group takeoff time will depend on an expense of $75-86.25 CAD per name change.

WestJet Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation Should you decide to come up with all required funds before the tagging due date, group change and cancel rules apply.

  1. Timing Details Day of booking-No charge and full refund

  2. From the day the holding expense is paid and as long as 31 days before takeoff - 20% arrival of your primary group without loss of keeping charge and refund down to the unique type of Payment.

  3. Thirty days before the flight - as long as two hours-$75-86.25 CAD/USD charge per visitor, all canceled seats apply. The equilibrium of assets (counting prepaid orders) will be put in a Travel Bank significant for one year from the date of cancellation. 

  4. Under 2 hours before the flight - All assets are non-refundable and non-respectable if no-showed or canceled with under 2 hours' notification. No credit or refund will be given.

How to book group travel on WestJet? 

Suppose you are searching for help to observe the best group booking. In that case, it is vital to pick the best flight, enter a specific date and time and traveler's details into the necessary fields, and receive a message of booking quickly. You can look for a flight to WestJet group travel booking on its accurate reserving site. If you believe that how to book a gathering travel booking on the web with WestJet, you are expected to comprehend WestJet's group booking policy and keep secure your flight venture in a group without any problem.

  1. Right away, send off a web program and visit the booking site and click the sign-in button using its appropriate accreditations.
  2. Go to the flight booking, pick the group booking tab, and enter the destination name, date, and time.
  3. Enter the traveler's details, get a flight's list in the pursuit bar, and compare the cost with pick one to handily book.
  4. You can choose the best seat in your booking, pick the booking class, select the development offices, and select your bank.
  5. Receive a message of setting up your enlisted cell phone toward the finish of the undertaking.

For extra assistance regarding WestJet group bookings, you are generally allowed to contact or get past with Westjet Airlines customer support group that is accessible to help you anytime. 


What is the Minimum number of Passengers in a Group Booking?

Nowadays, traveling is coming back after the evasion of Covid. But, if you are planning is of WestJet Group Bookings, then different airlines have various definitions for group booking, and in case of generic terms for this type of travel, you can use more than 8 or 9 passengers. 

Advantages of Group Bookings on WestJet

  1. Here you can read a few points for WestJet group booking benefits.
  2. Passengers easily and quickly secure flights with a holding fee by booking in advance.
  3. Once the passenger completes the payment for the hold ticket with the group booking, the holding fee gets refunded
  4. At WestJet airlines, payment options for group bookings are quite flexible.

How will I know once my Booking has Been Made?

Once you select tickets for group booking on WestJet airline's official website than to get confirmed that a booking has been made, or not then, you should look at your official email inbox to get confirmed accordingly.

What is Required to make a Group Booking?

The requirements you have to provide for group bookings are every passenger's government-approved IDs, and for such bookings, you have to go entirely in advance. You should talk with a live representative about such conditions.

Can you Get Flight Discounts for Groups?

Yes, passengers are allowed discount options for WestJet Group Bookings, in case you book it via the help of travel agents, because if you request group booking discounts from a trusted airline consolidator, then it will be beneficial. You will receive appropriate discounts for the same.

Is it Cheaper to Book Flights as a Group? 

There can be some cases where group bookings are more expensive than individual bookings. These rates can get cheaper for group travelers as the airline reserve a specific class for group bookings travelers, which is different for individual passengers. Group booking is more favorable if the cheapest flight class is sold out and you are traveling in a group, not as an individual, because the airline will prioritize group bookings.

How Does a Group Booking work?

If you are planning a WestJet Group booking for more than six passengers, then it is best to call the airline directly at the WestJet group booking customer support at 1-877-737-7001 and get the quote. All you have to do is call the number and provide your details of the number of passengers, travel date, etc., and the travel advisor will provide you with a custom quote. 

Is it Better to Book flights as a Group or Individually?

It is best to book a flight as a group because it has different perks for the passengers-

  1. You will get one price for all the passengers.
  2. Flexible terms and conditions- passengers can change the passenger list for free until the departure date comes near.

What Are the Types of Group Booking Methods?

You can opt for group booking by directly calling the airline helpdesk or filling out the group booking form, which can be located on the help & support tab.

How to Get Cheap Group Flights?

Instead of completing the group booking procedure online, you can directly call the helpline number to get a one-on-one interaction and get cheaper flight deals.

How can I Save Money when Traveling in a Group?

Many popular airlines offer loyalty programs, and the same goes for WestJet. If you are a loyal customer and a frequent flyer, then there are chances that you will be getting some discounts on group travel.

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