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How Do I Web Check in on United Airlines?

You can web check-in on United Airlines by going to the website through the online process. Follow these steps to know how you can web check in on United Airlines:

  1. Go to the United Airlines website, 
  2. Click on the My Trips option, and you need to fill in your confirmation e-ticket number and your last name, then continue.
  3. You will be forwarded to the booking page. From the menu option, choose the check-in option.
  4. On the check-in form, fill in the required details and proceed.
  5. Upon successfully checking in, you will receive your boarding pass through email.

How early can I check in for United Airlines?

You can check in for United Airlines 24 hours before flight departure. Check-in timing depends on the baggage, Airport, and destination. The check-in process shall end 60 minutes before your flight departure. After that, you cannot check in through the online process for your flight. As a result, you can also be denied boarding the flight.

Why won't United airlines let me check in online?

Sometimes you cannot check in online because of some restrictive rules, and you must check in at the Airport for your flight. United Airlines web check-in has rules and regulations that you must read carefully before booking a flight. Also, if you have an international booking, you must reach the Airport for check-in and immigration.

How do I get my boarding pass on the United app?

You can get your boarding pass on the United app. You need to sign in to your account. Once you are done with it, you can reach my bookings from where you tap on the preferred flight, and you will get the boarding pass. Your boarding pass should be available on the homepage of the United app. You can also get your boarding pass on the United Airlines website on the My Trips option.

How early should I get to the Airport if I check in online?

You must go to the Airport if you checked in online at least 60 minutes before your scheduled flight departure time, and you must have your boarding pass on your phone, or you can also carry the print of your boarding pass.

What happens if I don't check in online for a flight?

You may only get your boarding pass if you check in online for a flight. Then you have to go to the Airport approx 3-4 hours before to get the check-in process done on time. You must go to the check-in counter and get your check-in done. After that, you will get your boarding pass. Following this, you can proceed to security and the boarding gate.


You can do web check-in online by following the steps. You must check in online 24 hours before your departure, or you can also visit the United Airport for the check-in process. If you have any queries, you can contact their customer care service. They will help you to solve your query.

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