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How Can I change my name on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is the Flag Carrier Airline for Turkey. It operates scheduled passenger flights to international and domestic destinations and is known for its premium experience and customer satisfaction. Changing your scheduled flight bookings or reservations can sometimes feel pesky and hard. If you have a Turkish Airlines flight booking, then you must follow the Turkish Airlines name change procedure; you can get the complete guide by going through the points listed below. The following guidelines will help you to change your Turkish Airlines flight ticket name

  1. Open official website of Turkish Airlines
  2. Click on the option 'Plan & Book.'
  3. Click the 'Check-in/ Manage Booking' option in the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the following details; Ticket Number, Passenger Surname
  5. Click on the option Next.'
  6. The following web page will showcase all the information about your Turkish Airlines booking.
  7. Click on the 'Name Change,' and you can make the required changes.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

If you are looking to know how to change your name on your Turkish Airlines flight tickets, then the following will help you with the policies related to the Turkish Airlines;

  1. You cannot change your full name; you can make minor corrections or rectify the misspelled name.
  2. Passengers can only change their name on Turkish Airlines flight tickets if they make the reservation with the help of the official Turkish Airlines platform.
  3. Contact the respective person to make name changes if you booked your tickets via a third-party platform.
  4. You can only change your name until one hour before your scheduled departure.
  5. If you miss the time slot, you must pay the total ticket price to make the required changes.
  6. After going through the name change procedure, you cannot change your routes or scheduled destination as the original booking.
  7. The passengers who have completed the check-in procedure cannot change their names. They can only make a new flight booking with Turkish Airlines.
  8. You cannot entirely change your name; you'll have to showcase an official government-approved identity card to complete the name change procedure.

How much does it cost to change your name on Turkish Airlines?

The travelers may have to pay up to 300 USD to change the name mentioned on their flight ticket. They must also submit the legal document with their official name at the time of name correction.

Can I call Turkish Airlines for a name correction?

Yes, if you are facing consistent problems with the name correction procedure of Turkish Airlines. You can call the number +1-800-874 8875 and speak to a live representative from the customer support team of Turkish Airlines. You can get the required assistance by speaking to their support executive and following up on your name change procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change my name after booking a Turkish Airlines flight?

Yes, the passengers traveling with Turkish Airlines are allowed to make the changes to their ticket name after the reservation. To make the changes after the reservation, the passengers have to proceed with the online process to make the Turkish airlines name change with the help of ‘ Manage Booking,’ or they can also do it at the airport by asking the executive at the airport desk.

How late can I change my flight with Turkish Airlines?

The passengers can change their flight even an hour before the scheduled departure. However, they are not allowed to change their reservation after check-in.

Can I change my Turkish airlines flight same day?

The passengers can change their flight ticket name but can only do this before proceeding online or at airport check-in. As no changes in the flight ticket are allowed to be made after check-in.

Can I Change My Turkish Airlines flight without Paying A Fee?

The passengers are only allowed to make the name change for free when it s up to three characters. If they wish to change more than three characters or the surname, they have to pay the charges for the same. 

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