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Easyjet one-way flights | Tickets at Lowest Price

Easyjet airline is the airline that can help travelers to travel at the lowest range across the Meyrin and canton. In addition, it can schedule one-way and round way flights on them. Therefore, are you looking to book a one-way flight for travel in Easyjet? So, here you will get the ways of booking Easyjet one-way flights and buying one-way flights.

Can I Buy one-way flights on EasyJet?

Yes, you can buy a one-way flight at an EasyJet by two methods are virtually booking and book by calling. However, for that, you must follow the steps for booking the one-way tickets at EasyJet are:

Book EasyJet One-way flights online

To book online, follow the steps that can mention below. For that,

  1. Open the web browser of EasyJet airline
  2. Then, go on manage booking
  3. Select flights and click on the one-way flight
  4. Enter the destination from-to
  5. Then, select the flight or on-boarding departure time
  6. Select the member from adult, child, and infant to travel in the EasyJet flight
  7. Tap on show flights and choose the time you want to travel
  8. Pay the amount of the booking. Then, the airline will send you the confirmation on your devices.

Book EasyJet One-Way Flight Via Call

If you want to book your one-way flight with EasyJet by phone, then follow the below steps,

  1. Dial +44 (0) 330 5515151
  2. The call will redirect to the IVR process:
  3. Press 1 for booking
  4. For canceling press
  5. Press 3 for refunding
  6. Press 5 for speaking to the EasyJet airline

After booking, the airline sends you the booking confirmation on your device.

How Do I Get a Cheap One Way Flight on EasyJet?

Suppose your concern is regarding the search for cheap one-way flights, then you should read the following section.

  1. First, to get a cheap one-way flight, you should choose advance booking.
  2. Further, passengers should avoid weekends because demand is high and fare rates shoot up.
  3. Passengers can also select a cheap one-way ticket with the option of red-eye flights as it offers better deals.
  4. In addition, to get a cheap flight, you have to on a notification or subscribe to the airline page to get up to date.
  5. You can also open the flight booking mode in the Incognito window to get the cheapest flights because, on the browser, a repeated number of searches can show the same results.

Where does EasyJet fly to?

EasyJet flies to France, Austria, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and more. In addition, this airline can provide its services to these countries.

Why Should I Book my one-way flight ticket with EasyJet?

Nowhere, here are some benefits of a one-way flight ticket with EasyJet are:

  1. If you cancel your one-way flight ticket, there has no loss for you. Also, on the other hand, if you cancel your round-trip ticket, both your flights are canceled.
  2. You will get a one-way flight at Easyjet at an affordable range.

What are the cheapest days to fly one way with Easyjet?

If you are looking for the cheapest days to fly one-way with Easyjet, then you will have to select the best days available, which are known to be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, as on these particular days airlines bring new flight deals and offer for the passengers.

Is it better to Book Two One-Way Air Tickets or a Round-trip Ticket?

Buying two one-way tickets or round-trip are both suitable in their own aspects for traveling. However, if you book round-trip tickets, you will get the best deals, more convenience for flexible dates, and the best destinations to select because booking two one-way may cost more and might not get chosen in time.

Why are one-way flights more expensive than round trips?

One of the main reasons Easyjet one-way flights are more expensive than round trips is that these types of trips are often purchased from business travelers who have rigid date and time requirements and are less sensitive to price.


Hence, if you face any problems while booking the one-way flight, you can speak with the customer service person at EasyJet Flight. Also, you will get the best assistance from them by official mail, social media, call, and live chat.

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