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How Can Delta Airlines Travel credit be used?

You can make the flight reservation with Delta Airlines through Travel credits also. Follow the below steps to use the credit points for making a reservation:

  1. Visit the official website of Delta Airlines or open the Delta app on your phone.
  2. Select the number of passengers, date of departure, and other necessary information.
  3. Then you will get to the payment option and select the option to pay through travel credit.
  4. Confirm the payment, and then you can download the flight ticket.

How long are Delta travel credits good for?

If you have Delta travel credits, you can use them within one year of purchase, not from when you book the flight but from when you get the travel credit. You can use the travel credit to book a flight and other benefits. For any problem, contact customer service, who will answer your questions.

Can I use Delta eCredit for vacation? 

You can use Delta eCredit to book a vacation package with the airline. Fill out your booking details, then choose to pay with Credit when you get to the payment section. For additional discounts and benefits, you can apply coupons and vouchers.

How do I contact Delta about eCredit?

To contact Delta Airlines regarding any information related to eCredit, you can call on their customer service phone number to speak with the representative. Following are the phone number of the airline:

  1. U.S. or Canada - 800 847 0578
  2. Atlanta, Georgia, or outside the U.S. and Canada - 404 715 5417

How do I check my Delta travel credit?

To check your Delta Airlines travel credit, you have to visit the official webpage, and you can do it anytime. The process is very simple, and you have to follow the given instructions:

  1. Open the official mobile app or the webpage on any web browser.
  2. Visit the “My Account” section from the main menu.
  3. Click on the “Delta travel credit” option.
  4. Then you can see the number of travel points you have.

How can I get a refund from Delta instead of eCredit?

If you want a refund from Delta instead of eCredit, you must have booked a refundable ticket. When you cancel your ticket, you can get a refund of an amount or eCredit. After that, the amount will be credited to your account within a few days through the same mode you used to make the payment.

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