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How to Communicate with Turkish Airlines at Changi Airport?

If you are at Singapore(SIN)Airport and wish to contact a Turkish Airlines representative, you can dial the Turkish Airlines Changi airport phone number +90 242 320 63 63 and talk to the operator for any query related to flight booking, cancellation, refund, or special assistance. 

What terminal do turkish airlines use at Changi Airport? 

Turkish Airlines at Changi Airport uses T1, Row 9, Door 4 for arrival and departure. Though the terminal does not change, stay updated about the terminal so that you get your flight. Always check the arrival and departure screens at the airport. 

How do I contact Changi Airport?

If you have any queries about the lounges at the airport, missed baggage, parking provisions, facilities for miles, etc., you can contact the Changi Airport customer service at the toll-free number +65 6595 6868 to get the solutions instantly. 

How do I email lost and found Changi Airport?

If you have lost your baggage or any item at the airport, you can submit a complaint to the lost and found email address Compose your email and mention all the details related to your lost baggage and send it. 

How long does it take to get through security at Singapore Airport?

Passengers whose flight arrives and departs from T1, T2, or T3 will be required to give a minimum of 1 hour to get through security. Always arrive at the airport on time; otherwise, you will miss your flight. 

What is Singapore Changi Airport Office Address?

The official address of the Singapore Changi Airport Office is Unit 04-60 Passenger Terminal 1, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 918142. 

Do I need a pcr to transit to Changi Airport?

Yes, you require a Pcr test report to transit Changi Airport. Since the pandemic, the airport authority has become highly cautious regarding their passengers' safety. To learn more about the covid protocols followed at the Changi airport, visit the official website. 

How do I contact airport security in Singapore?

To contact Singapore airport security, dial (65) 6546 0000. This number can be dialed for all security and crime-related incidents. If you find any suspicious activity happening around you at the airport, do not hesitate to contact the airport's security staff. 

Where is Lost and Found at Changi? 

If you miss any item within the airport premises, you can take assistance from the Lost and Found counter at the Baggage Claim Area. Read below to learn about which handling agent is servicing your airline. 

Handling Agent:- DNATA Singapore

Terminal 1 and 3:+65 6723 1188 (available 24 hours) 

Terminal 4 :65 6581 1595 (5:00 AM–2:00 AM)

Handling agent: SATS

Terminals 1, 2, and 3: +65 6597 4500 ( available 7:30 AM–10:00 PM)

Singapore Airlines Group: +65 6224 4243 ( available 7:30 AM–10:00 PM)

Is Changi open 24 7?

Yes, Changi remains open 24*7, serving their passengers. You can visit the airport any time of the day for any help.

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