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How Can I Call Spirit Airlines at San Juan Airport? - Get Support

If you wish to contact spirit airlines at san jaun airport regarding queries or issues you have, then the fastest way to reach their representative is by phone number to get instant response from customer support.

What is Spirit Airlines San Juan Number?

Suppose you want to contact someone to speak directly about the issues you are facing or obtain some information regarding the airport. In that case, you can use the Spirit Airlines San Juan Airport phone number: 1 787-253-2339. Here you will receive the guidance you may require from the airport representative and the information you asked for on the call. 

Does the San Jose Airport Have a Lost And Found? 

Yes, san Jose Airport does have a lost and found number, which is available 24*7. A person can reach them whenever they require to file a complaint for a lost or found thing. 

What is The Phone Number for SJU Airport Lost and Found?

Via Phone: The phone number a person can use to contact SJU Airport for lost and found is 939-545-8300. Dialing the number will take you to the concerned department, where you can file the report. Keep your trip details handy so the connected person can file the report with the flight details on your request.

Via Email: A person can also submit a request for lost and found items at SJU Airport at Your request will be submitted to customer service, and the officials will take suitable action and share the status with you. 

How to Contact San Juan Airport for Parking?

The person who would like to contact San Juan Airport for parking-related info or to book a parking spot should use the phone number 787-791-4015. The email address for reaching an official at the parking department of the airport is You can write to them to acquire the parking information or to book the spot.  

What is the Number of Baggage Claims at the San Juan, Puerto Rico Airport?

Passengers who are looking for baggage claim information or need help related to the same at San Juan Puerto Rico Airport can use the contact number 787-791-3371 to get through to a concerned person. Then you can take the info you require for the baggage claims. 

What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at San Juan Airport? 

Terminal B is assigned to Spirit Airlines at San Juan Airport. They schedule all their flights from the same terminal for the arrivals and departures. But you should also confirm the assigned terminal once on your boarding pass as sometimes the terminals are changed by the airport in the required circumstances. 

How Early Do You Need to Get to San Juan Airport?

San Juan Airport advised the flyers to reach at least 3 hours early for their flight if they have a booking for an international destination. And if the flyer has a booking for a domestic country, they can consider reaching at least 2 hours from the departure time at the airport. 

How Do I contact the San Juan Airport?

Airport Cargo.
Phone number:- (787) 253-4621.
Fax:- (787) 253-4636.
Operational Hours: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM (Eastern) Weekdays (Monday-Friday)

San Juan Airport Address

C2Q2+R82, Arrivals Ave, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico

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