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What is the air Canada Name Change Policy?

If travelers are ready to change the flight tickets they have reserved on Air Canada, they have to follow some terms and conditions of the airline. To change their name, and passengers do not make any mistakes while changing their flight tickets, they must follow the airline's policies.

The policies of Air Canada are as follows:

These are the name-changing policies of Air Canada that passengers have to follow:

  1. To change the name for free of cost, passengers have to change the name within 24 hours of reservation.
  2. After 24 hours of reservation, passengers will have to pay the name-changing charges to the airline.
  3. There will be only three characters that passengers can change on their flight tickets.
  4. The changes can be made the most for five to six hours of flight departure time.
  5. Travelers cannot change the whole name on the flight tickets, or they cannot transfer the flight tickets to someone else's name.
  6. In case of a no-show, the passengers will cancel the flight tickets and charge the travelers fees.

How Do I Change my name on-air, Canada?

If travelers are worried about the process of air Canada name change on a ticket, they can follow the steps those are given in the below section:

  1. Go to the manage booking section on the top of the Air Canada site.
  2. Enter the information as asked by the airline on the tab.
  3. Soon after, tap on the page's 'name change' option.
  4. They will open the details of the flight tickets.
  5. Tap on the name change button. Correct the name that you want on your flight tickets.
  6. Pay the charges, if any, given by the airline. Confirm the changes.
  7. The notification for the changed flight tickets will be sent to the passengers.

How to Change Someone's Misspelled name on Air Canada?

Several travelers might have made mistakes in the name on their flight tickets. If they want to fix the misspelled name on their Air Canada flight tickets, they can follow the below-given sources.:

Call on Air Canada reservation service number:

The easiest way any traveler can contact customer service for the misspelled name on the flight tickets is through their helpline number. Passengers can call the reservation service number of Air Canada and connect to the airline. Tell them about the mistake in your name. They will ask about the information and other details on the flight tickets. The customer service person will help the users to correct the fault and inform you about the issues.

What is the Name Change/Correction fee on Air Canada?

Generally, the cost of changing the flight tickets depends upon the tickets they bought. The cost of changing flight tickets starts from $70 and can exceed $120, respectively.

Can passengers change their name within 24 hours?

Yes, travelers can change their name on Air Canada flight tickets within 24 hours. This will not cost any charges to the travel

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