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What happens if British Airways delay my flight?

Each airline strives to guarantee that you arrive at your destination on time. Sadly, delays, some of the time, do happen. Also, it prompts a few burdens and additional expenses when this happens. Thus, if you have used British Airways and encountered these circumstances, we are here to help you. Read Further.

So nothing majorly happens when your British Airways has been delayed. The airline will rebook you with another flight, or you will get British airways compensation for a delayed flight. And, For flight delay of over 3 hours or cancellation without earlier notification of something like 14 days, as well as denied boarding due to overbooking on a British Airways flight, you will get up to €600 compensation under the EU guideline 261/2004.

Let's quickly know how you can rebook or reschedule your flight or get the compensation without hassle.

How To Rebook or reschedule my flight on British airways

British Airways permits you to reschedule, rebook your flight, or make changes to your date, time, and destination. You can rebook by phone or online.

To rebook your British Airways flight online, you need to follow the beneath steps:

  1. Go to the British Airways airline website.
  2. Click on Manage My Booking (it shows up beneath the booking box)
  3. Then recover your booking by entering your booking reference and last name.
  4. Click on the Find my booking button.
  5. Select the flight you need to make changes to
  6. Click on rebooking/reschedule, and make changes.
  7. And follow the prompts to finish your new flight booking.
  8. At last, the airline will send you a confirmation email that your airline has been successfully rebooked.

How To Cancel My flight On British airways?

If your plan is changed for personal reasons, you can cancel your British Airways flight by phone or online. Online cancellations must be made for tickets bought straightforwardly from British Airways (site, ticket counter, or call focus).

To cancel your British Airways flight online:

  1. Go to BritishAirways official site.
  2. Click on Manage My Booking
  3. Enter your booking reference number
  4. Click on the Find booking button.
  5. Select your flight ticket and cancel it by simply following the prompts

Could you at any point get refunded for a delayed flight?

Indeed. As per European regulation EC Regulation 261/2004, a traveler is qualified to guarantee a refund if the flight is delayed or canceled. The law applies to EU airspace; you don't need to be an EU resident to qualify.

How to Claim your compensation from British Airways?

Using an online compensation calculator, knowing whether you are qualified for compensation is straightforward. Whenever that is covered, and you are eligible for the payment, you can request compensation by calling the airline customer service or by sending a request email. As per British Airways policy, every customer has a right to claim compensation.

How much can I receive compensation if my British Airways flight is delayed?

BA flight delays are not set in stone by the distance of your flight. However, the British airways compensation for delayed flights works out as:

  1. 250€ for trips of 1,500km and under
  2. 400€ for flights that are somewhere in the range of 1,500km and 3,500km
  3. 600€ for long stretch flights that are over 3,500km

Thus, if a BA flight delay makes you miss your corresponding flight, you may be qualified for missed flight compensation. Yet, if you need further assistance regarding British airways compensation for a delayed flight, kindly contact the customer service team.

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